Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am grateful for spray on sunscreen. I used to think that that was a waste of money and sunscreen, since the spray tends to get widely dispersed, but not anymore.

Yesterday I was smearing the suscreen on the tops of everybody's feet, getting my hands all gritty, because we were already on the beach. And THEN I did the kids' faces, and everybody was complaining about the sand on their faces.

But I can be taught. Today I sprayed everybody down, outside on our (rented) condo balcony. I just had to smear a little on their faces. And I bought 3 UV protectant shirts for the boys, and love those too. Sometimes technology does make our lives easier, and sometimes I'm willing to pay for convenience. I'm not there on lettuce yet- I still wash and cut my own lettuce- but for sunscreen, give me the easy way out.
And, just to share the grossness, some other swimmers found a dead rat after we got out of the lazy river. I know not to go in the Hot Tubs of Nastiness, but I'd thought the lazy river would be okay. On TV last night, we were watching this show about a scientist who was supposed to study wolves, but his plane crashed and he ended up eating mice. Blech. No thanks.

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