Monday, June 7, 2010

Emma's Triathlon

Here's our Lou-lou warming up in the pool. We've made her wear a cap every day since then. It makes her look like Little Orphan Annie, remember, in the pool scene, she's wearing a bathing cap? Emma was so excited for the big event. She wrote about it in papers for school and told everybody she was doing a triathlon!

Emma hopping on her bike. The distance was 50 yd swim, 1.5 mile bike and .5 mile run, although we think the run was a bit longer than that. Nathan helped her through transition. So sweet to watch them!

Me and Emma. She'd slowed down a bit and I was cheering her on. She ran so hard, especially when the people in front of her were running. When they walked, she rested too.

Here's my two warriors, showing off their race numbers. They mark both your arms and a leg, in case something happens, I think!

Here's Nathan earlier in the day, picking up a gift card in the award ceremony for placing in his age group. I think he was first in this race? I'll have to ask him. It was a ton of fun!


  1. I always have this smile when I come here - your have such a beautiful family!

  2. Thanks Kathryn! Nice to see you!

  3. Even your little kids run triathlons? What is in your water?

  4. She did great :D

    I keep thinking about doing a (short!) triathlon... I enjoy swimming and cycling, haven't really tried running, but it might be a fun adventure...