Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gratitude, starting now.

So, I've been meaning to start a daily gratitude journal and I decided to do it here since the little gratitude book by my bed is woefully empty.

I'm grateful for the beauty of nature, like this butt-tree I told you about.

Today, Jonas and I sat on the couch and he gave me some of his silly bands- little gum bracelets that are in different shapes when you lay them flat. We spent a half hour trading back and forth, the rubber pulling the hairs on my wrist each time, but he was so sweet. Just trusting that I was his friend and would trade him whatever he wanted. 

Today in the car on the way to school, Isaac said morning prayer and then we sang "I am a Child of God". It's a short ride to school, but I love to start out the day with a song. It's cut down on a lot of the bickering that can go on.   

Emma had a friend over after school- one that she's been trying to meet up with for weeks, and they played together so nicely. I'm happy for her to have a friend and be able to giggle with. 

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