Friday, April 8, 2011

Jojo's bike, Daddy Daughter Dance, Parris Island Tri

Sheldon Church Ruins near Beaufort. It was burned in the Revolutionary War, rebuilt, and burned again in the Civil War. After that they apparently gave up;)  
Parris Island Marine Corps training pool.
Hunting Island Light House. I forget exactly how many steps, but I think it was 14,782.
Jojo and Abby pretending to be frogs. They were hopping all over the place.
Hunting Island.

Yep, Jojo took this picture.

Jonas has been hijacking the camera lately, and not surprisingly, many of his photos areof Eli. Here's Eli making apaper airplane. 

My baby blue eyes:)
Nathan and Emma before the Daddy-Daughter  Dance. Some people showed up in a limo??? How will those poor girls' prom dates top that?

Jojo on his big boy bike!

Can't get enough?