Friday, May 21, 2010

Sand and Saltwater

Loaded in the car:
Umbrellas. Bathing suits. Aloe. Sand toys. Camera. All the fruit I bought three days ago because I forgot we were going to the beach today. About thirty books I checked out from the library for us to read in the car, including a graphic novel of "The Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare. What? I'll let you know if it's any good;)

Not in the car:
One sick boy, still laying on the couch. Jonas has been coughing and woke up with a fever today.

He looked at me earlier, and when he met my eyes, his little pouty lip stuck out, not in a play for sympathy but because he just feels so yucky and wants his Mommy.  I held him for a minute and then he was ready to go back to watching cartoons. It made me tear up to have this sweet little boy, and the person that he wants most to hold him is me. Humbling moment for this mom.

I'm hoping that this is the worst day for him and he's going to be ready to build some sandcastles tomorrow.

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