Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am grateful for spray on sunscreen. I used to think that that was a waste of money and sunscreen, since the spray tends to get widely dispersed, but not anymore.

Yesterday I was smearing the suscreen on the tops of everybody's feet, getting my hands all gritty, because we were already on the beach. And THEN I did the kids' faces, and everybody was complaining about the sand on their faces.

But I can be taught. Today I sprayed everybody down, outside on our (rented) condo balcony. I just had to smear a little on their faces. And I bought 3 UV protectant shirts for the boys, and love those too. Sometimes technology does make our lives easier, and sometimes I'm willing to pay for convenience. I'm not there on lettuce yet- I still wash and cut my own lettuce- but for sunscreen, give me the easy way out.
And, just to share the grossness, some other swimmers found a dead rat after we got out of the lazy river. I know not to go in the Hot Tubs of Nastiness, but I'd thought the lazy river would be okay. On TV last night, we were watching this show about a scientist who was supposed to study wolves, but his plane crashed and he ended up eating mice. Blech. No thanks.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sand and Saltwater

Loaded in the car:
Umbrellas. Bathing suits. Aloe. Sand toys. Camera. All the fruit I bought three days ago because I forgot we were going to the beach today. About thirty books I checked out from the library for us to read in the car, including a graphic novel of "The Merchant of Venice" by Shakespeare. What? I'll let you know if it's any good;)

Not in the car:
One sick boy, still laying on the couch. Jonas has been coughing and woke up with a fever today.

He looked at me earlier, and when he met my eyes, his little pouty lip stuck out, not in a play for sympathy but because he just feels so yucky and wants his Mommy.  I held him for a minute and then he was ready to go back to watching cartoons. It made me tear up to have this sweet little boy, and the person that he wants most to hold him is me. Humbling moment for this mom.

I'm hoping that this is the worst day for him and he's going to be ready to build some sandcastles tomorrow.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gratitude, starting now.

So, I've been meaning to start a daily gratitude journal and I decided to do it here since the little gratitude book by my bed is woefully empty.

I'm grateful for the beauty of nature, like this butt-tree I told you about.

Today, Jonas and I sat on the couch and he gave me some of his silly bands- little gum bracelets that are in different shapes when you lay them flat. We spent a half hour trading back and forth, the rubber pulling the hairs on my wrist each time, but he was so sweet. Just trusting that I was his friend and would trade him whatever he wanted. 

Today in the car on the way to school, Isaac said morning prayer and then we sang "I am a Child of God". It's a short ride to school, but I love to start out the day with a song. It's cut down on a lot of the bickering that can go on.   

Emma had a friend over after school- one that she's been trying to meet up with for weeks, and they played together so nicely. I'm happy for her to have a friend and be able to giggle with. 

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly update for the month of April

I'm playing catchup! Easter, various parks and my sweet kids.

We always go up to Mama's house in Rock Hill for Easter and get the best pictures with all of the flowers. Everyone's eyes are open and we're looking at the camera. It's a miracle. Really. An actual miracle. This has only happened like twice in our whole family's life.

Eli is so easy to take a good picture of. I love this guy. He's finishing up kindergarten and reading so well. He loves a good backscratch, especially when we're saying bedtime prayers and reading scriptures. He can do a flip on the tramp and land on his butt.
Isaac at the park, eyeing a caterpillar. Isaac is finishing up third grade and has been reading Percy Jackson etc. and Harry Potter, again. When we got home yesterday, Isaac gave me five or so hugs. He's such a sweet guy. He just read this and is hugging me again. Isaac wants me to tell you all that he is really close to beating Lego Star Wars on the XBOX. Awesome;)
Jojo and our cousin. They act like this most of the time, especially when they are apart and are asking for each other all of the time. And then there's the times when they both want to play with the same shovel. Not pretty. Jojo is finally potty trained and is proud of being a big boy. Yay! I now know that I can potty train while writing a book, which was a concern for a while;)

Easter morning: a time to remember the Atonement and to get a sugar buzz.
Nathan's Dad's side of the family, minus one brother and family and Mama. 
The kids waiting for the signal to start the Easter egg hunt.
Emma with her model hair. I, for one, am jealous. And she got her dad's metabolism. I'm happy for her, really I am, and yet...
Sasquatch hunting eggs. Amazing that he let us get so close.
See what I mean? Sigh. Too pretty. We're going to lock her in her room until she's 30. Emma is finishing up second grade and loves to draw and make jewelry. She finished a knotted bead knecklace and it was beautiful and every knot was right. I'm going to buy her some more beads and put her to work!
The boys and I at one of Nathan's triathalons, downtown Columbia. He won a silver picture frame. He says this means that his hobby is more rewarding than mine since I haven't gotten any prizes yet. One day he will eat those words;) 
Thanks for reading, and Mom, I hope this helps ou hold on until we see you in June.

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