Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hickory Knob Triathlon Year Two

Okay, these pictures are all out of order, but it's a pain to reorder pictures on blogger, and I quit. 

Here's Nathan kicking it home, right at the finish line.

Nathan with his super amazing trophy- a hoodie! He placed first in his age group this year, 20th overall in the sprint distance.

Eli and Jonas chiiling after the race while we waited and waited for the awards ceremony to start.

I finally let the kids go to the playground. You'll have to read on to understand why it was so anticipated.

The kids and I on the hillside by the lake waiting for the race to start.
Kids: Can we go to the playground yet?
Me: Not yet. After Daddy finishes his swim.
Kids: But we're Booored.
Me: Only boring people are bored.
Kids: Playground? *making puppy eyes at me* Please?
Me: Grrrrr.
It only took 45 minutes of us standing around, waiting for the race to start, then waiting for Nathan's wave, then watching the tiny ant people splash around the buoys.

And now we're back to before the race starts. He hardly looks scared this year. I think the wet suit makes him brave, like he thinks he's Batman, or something.

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