Saturday, October 16, 2010

Emma's Baptism

The whole family. We actually were there on time. I know. Amazing.

Mama's friend that drove her down from Rock Hill, Papa Ray, Aunt Marcie and Uncle Brian.

Papa Bryce and Aunt Katie. Katie and Travis sang "A Child's Prayer" and it was so beautiful. They have such beautiful voices. Travis' wife Lisa accompanied them, but I don't have any pictures of Trav and Lisa because Travis had another singing engagement at a stake conference. One day we;ll get them to record an album, and then you'll see.

All male members of the LDS church are able to hold the priesthood, so it's usually dads who baptise their kids. Here's a picture of Nathan and Emma, all ready to jump in the font. Which, incidentally, was incredibly full. We got in their just in time to prevent an overflow and had to let out some water so they could get in.

Mom, Bill, and my little sister.

The ladies on Nathan's side. April. MaMa, Alecia, and Anna

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  1. Your family is beautiful Kelly!

  2. Thanks Jen. So is yours:) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Holy cow! This brings back memories of KellKenn making her own dress and some crazy granny pounding out Battle Hymn of the Republic on the piano for my beautiful Kelly!

    Happy Baptism Emma.

  4. Hey Amber- that seems like a lifetime ago. Marian Loomis was the lady who played piano for me. It makes me smile that you remember her unique style. I think she could've turn taps into a dance tune.