Monday, March 15, 2010

Swing Swing Swing

We got a new camera! I'm a day late for my Sunday post, but maybe this is cute enough that you'll forgive my tardiness?

We're really excited about the weather turning nice again. Happy Spring, everyone!


  1. SO cute, but made me dizzy just looking *laugh* -- brought back memories, though - of when we used to swing on the tireswing at my granny's farm. Made me smile.

    (As for your comment - from my porch, I can't quite see Mt Pisgah - it's to the right behind some ridges, but we've been to the restaurant that is round there - the views are incredible. We pick blackberries, wild, here in our cove, but haven't picked blueberries anywhere yet!)

  2. Dang, I wish I had sound on that. I kept waiting for you to pull him off and have him try to run in a straight line. There's a thought for your next Kaykaybe production? He was looking borderline seasick at the end. He's a cutie!

    I also wanted to hear Kelly working her mommy voice. That would be weird/cool for me to hear.

  3. Hey Kathryn and Amber- thanks for watching. That video was shot with our new camera and I think we had the sound recording turned off (or it doesn't record sound? I hope that's not true). So I had to find some music to go with it.

    Mommy voice- are you sure you want to hear that? It's not always pleasant;)