Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Here's some recent photos from Palm Springs and some flash nonfiction.

Open air airport in Palm Springs. This would NEVER work in SC. They would have to rename Columbia 'Hell' because the airport could be HIA. Hottest, stickiest place I've ever lived. No sweet ocean breezes like FL has, either.

The Palm Springs airport had four pieces by Dale Chihuly. I was telling the other people in our group that he's like a pirate because he lost an eye and wears and eyepatch, and Nathan said something silly that I meant to remember and write down, but I can't now. Too bad for you. It was funny.

This tram took us up the San Jacinto mountain range- up to 8,200 ft elevation. The tram floor rotates as you go up the mountain, so the handrail that you see here stayed stationary. There were eighty people packed in there, and the elderly couple next to me kept taking tiny steps with the rail towards me, compressing everyone standing to their right. I asked them to walk back to the big empty spot that they'd left. They were back in thirty seconds.

Here's my Jojo sleeping in Isaac's batting gloves the day before we left town.

Nathan in front of Babe's Barbeque. We were nervous, since what could folks in CA know about ribs, but it was good. Some of the other folks with us were really annoyed that, once again, they had no idea what sweet tea was and they had Pepsi instead of Coke. When you drink water, you just don't have these issues!

I read in the writer's handbook that you have to eat sushi, so I had some salmon and veggie rolls. It was okay. I have a hard time believing a person could crave sushi, but I probably should stop sampling it when available before I get used to it. I already crave enough foods. Like the yummy creme brulee we had. My brother in law, Brian, raided the dessert table for us twice. See below!

Brian, our hero!

Back on the mountain. In the desert it was 50-80', up on the mountain the high was 45. The snow was 2-3 feet deep in places.

Nathan with a fauxhawk.

Nathan with the raccoon. He tried to get me to be in this picture. I was afraid of silly that day, so I didn't. But all the pictures of me are boring. So next time I'll let go a little;)

We always get asked how the kids are and the sad truth is they hardly miss us. They got to go to McDonalds and PLAY ON THE PLAYGROUND, which hardly ever happens. If we eat fast food, usually we're on a long trip and skip the playground so we can get there already. In fact, they're lucky if we stop to let them pee. So  playground is clearly out of the question. This past trip I took Jojo into the bathroom while Nathan did the drive through (the other kids had gone potty at the gas station.) and Jonas played on the playground for two minutes while the order was finished, then Nathan pulled up, we got in and drove. We had three older kids who were very jealous, even though Jojo got his pants wet on the slide. I hope it was rain;)

Have a great week!


  1. I love coming by here and "being with" you and your family - JJ is so cute asleep with that glove on *smiling*

    I had to laugh - when I first saw the sushi, I thought it was a blood vessel with a block! *laugh*!

  2. Ooh. Creme brulee is divine. You need to try California Rolls (sushi). No raw fish. I actually really like them.

    I want more silly pictures of you Kelly!

  3. Thanks Kathryn and Amber. I'm making sure I get in some pictures now. I just really didn't like any of the ones I made it in. Closed eyes, goofy expressions. I'll do better;)

  4. I am the MOST unphotogenic person - Everyone knows they have to take a million shots before they get one good one *laugh*