Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scorpione Bloode Fire'e

Nathan wants me to make this blog a little more interesting, and figures that renaming it 'Scorpione Bloode Fire'e' is a good start.

I miss these curls on my Jojo. New pictures next week, I promise.

On the way home from church today we stopped at a light behind a motorcycle and Nathan started singing a brand new song. Here're the lyrics-

Motorcycle, Motorcycle
I can crush you with my big car.

Which he didn't do. But then we passed another motorcycle, and the two motorcycles gave each other the 'hey, you're cool just like me on a motorcycle' waves. Which led to us trying to get all of the SUVs we saw to wave back at us, but nobody did until we were in the neighborhood and then we got a 'hey, you live in the neighborhood wave'. (The 'hey we live in the same neighborhood wave' is a Southern requirement, for those of you who live in other, less sociable parts of the country. *wink*)

And a song that Nathan made up just now, on account of his shoulder really really hurting.

I wish I had a wife that loved me
and would make ice packs
and put them all over my body

And last thing- If you are ever in charge of transporting a dead whale, cover it with a tarp. We watched a few minutes of a show today where a whale exploded onto a busy city street as it was being driven through town. (Couldn't they tke the truck route?) The grossest part was there was a moped in the street, just standing there in a huge pile of whale entrails and congealed blood. I really want to know what that person has to say, but he wasn't on the show. They had boring scientists talk about how the whale had probably been hit by a ship and the damaged tissue created pressure blahblahblah. What did the guy on the moped think? I want to know!

And another new song from Nathan-

I used to be a mother
but now I am an author
so I love my computer

I think he gets me;) Out to play with the kids on the trampoline. I'm trying to post a few pictures and some little story every Sunday, not necessarily related. See you next week!


  1. This post had me laughing, smiling, then going "awww" then laughing then smiling then awwing -- just loved it! You have such a beautiful family - love the picture of you all there, that makes me smile, too....

  2. thanks Kathryn! They're a pretty fun bunch;)

  3. Ha! exploding whale? Link please!

    ice packs for the triathlon?

    When's your book coming out?

  4. Amber- The exploding whale was on tv. I'll try to find a link, but I'm afraid you'll tell your kids and crush their idea of the idyllic life of whales. You know, like you did with the poop-burgers thing. LOL

    Book will be out in the next five to ten years;) I have to finish perfecting it, find an agent, have the agent sell it, do months of waiting, corrections, more waiting, printing, publicity and distributing. It might take a while. I might not even be able to sell this one, but I wouldn't be spending my time on it if I didn't believe in it. Thanks for asking! I will shout it from the rooftops, I promise!